NISCE SKIN Whitening Trio Pack


Trio pack inclusion
– Nisce Skin 5in1 whitening soap 135g
– Nisce Skin whitening oil control toner 100ml
– Nisce Skin whitening deodorant 50ml
– FREE pouch

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Nisce Skin Whitening Trio Pack Inclusion

5in1 Whitening Soap 135g
Contains a mixture of Glutathione, kojic acid, glycolic acid, and papaya extract that helps whiten the skin and argan oil which contains antioxidant properties

Whitening Oil Control Toner 100ml
This toner is suitable for oily and combination skin type
Whitening Deodorant 50ml
Prevents perspiration & build-up of odor-causing bacteria while visibly whitening the underarm

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Weight .30 kg
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 14 cm


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